Pressure Washing Adaptors

Pressure Washing Adaptors

We’re sometimes asked if “Pressure Washing Adaptors” that connect to your hose work. These are passive ‘wands’ that typically attach to your regular hose. Many of these have been well marketed online. They have a long, narrow nozzle that attaches to your regular garden hose. These may have good looking construction and have a handle and valve. The premise of these devices is that your regular garden hose comes into the nozzle, which narrows the water further and further so that it comes out the end of the adapter with increased speed and force. Think of what happens when you take your thumb and put it to the end of the hose to make the flow shoot out further. These products promise to take this effect and concentrate it further — so much so that they can replace a real, pump assisted pressure washer. But can they manage this?

Pressure Washing Adaptors: Do They Work?

We are always looking to provide excellent quality tools and systems for our customers. Our experience with Pressure Washing Adaptors is what you’d expect. These are passive systems. They can’t increase the pressure or power in your existing water supply much more than you’d achieve by simply blocking the nozzle with your thumb. These come with different nozzles such as ‘fan sprayers’ and ‘jets’, but while you can certainly get different ‘shapes’ to the water, it won’t increase the pressure significantly — at least nowhere near you’d expect if you were to purchase an actual power washer. With a heavy-duty power washer, you’d never try of putting your hand in the way of the jet stream.

It’s Just Physics

With a real power washer, you’d never put your hand in front of the jet stream; It would be painful (or with the heavier duty machines could actually cause an injury). With these passive ‘pressure washing adaptors’, you may be able to get a more concentrated flow of water from your regular hose. But since there is no electric motor or pump to add more energy, it’s not going to be significant enough for most people. It probably won’t add enough pressure to really clean in the way most people would want or expect from a washer. Our advice to our customers is this; Check if your regular hose can achieve what you’re looking for simply by pinching the end of the hose. If blocking the nozzle with your thumb creates enough pressure to do the job you want, then these passive adaptors may not even be necessary. You can probably get the same effect yourself with your finger. If it’s not enough to do what you want, whether that’s to clean your yard, your car, your windows, or your walls, these adaptors just won’t really fit the bill, and we’d recommend considering an investment in a real power washer.

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