Pressure Washing with the Stihl RE 143 Plus

Pressure Washing with the Stihl RE 143 Plus

Pressure washing can make all the difference to your yard, windows and car. Consumer-level washers have been on the market for years, and many of us had our fair share of bad ones. As with many devices these days, there’s a large range of options available on the market. You can often get some great bargains which are excellent for less extensive use. But for professionals or those who like to keep a tight ship, it’s usually worth considering a higher-end model power washer.

Pressure Washing With the Stihl RE 143 Pluspressure washing

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it — Stihl is a great outfit. We’re really happy with their machines overall, and aside from a few disappointing lapses in one or two of their lower-end products over the years, overall they have always maintained superior quality throughout the years. It’s for this reason that in most power tool sections as well as our ride on lawnmowers section of the website you’ll find we mainly recommend Stihl. And this also goes for pressure washers. On the higher end of Stihl’s consumer range is the RE 143 Plus. It has a few features that set it apart from competitors and Stihl’s own range. Here are a few highlights for when you’re considering, bearing in mind that this is on the uppermost range.


One of the key features of the Stihl RE 143 Plus is its ceramic coated pump pistons. Heat kills longevity. When you mix high temperatures with strong forces and friction, you’re going to get a great deal of softening on the piston which gradually reduces its integrity. Applying a ceramic coating reduces the heat in the piston, increases its efficiency and durability by decreasing the thermal load as well as wear and tear.
The RE 143 has an adjustable operating pressure bar which lets you go from 10-140 bar. It offers 40% greater power than Stihl’s entry-level RE 90. Aside from power, it’s also packed with durability enhancing features as well as an extra-long telescopic handle and cablings. The fan-jet nozzle allows for variable pressures and different patterns, which can attack a surface from different angles. This model works really well with a foam attachment for washing and waxing your car. It gives great results for car and window washing – even without any contact washing.

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