How to Use a Pole Saw

How to Use a Pole Saw

Do you own, or are you considering buying a pole saw in Cork or Ireland? Pole Saws are an invaluable tool around the garden, and it’s helpful to know when it’s appropriate to use it.

When to Use a Pole Saw

If you’re cutting thicker branches or vines and you can’t reapole saws corkch it, you’re either going to need to prune from a ladder, call in an expert or use a pole saw. A prune saw will allow you to cut from the ground to anywhere up to 6.4 metres.

Because you must stand under the branch you’re cutting, safety is a must. Tree surgeons will usually secure branches with rope so that once they are cut there is no risk of them falling on top of them. You won’t be able to do this with a pole saw. For safety reasons, you must avoid cutting heavier wood. It’s for this reason that Pole Saws are designed for use on limbs of up to but not beyond a thickness of 5 centimetres.

Also be aware that if you hold equipment overhead for long periods of time you will get exhausted quite quickly, so it’s important that you take regular breaks. Exhaustion will make you sloppy, and it’s important to be alert and consider how you are going to make a cut safely before you begin. Also, be aware of power lines near any branches you are cutting. If the line is near or below the branch, call a professional.

How To Safely Use Your Pole Saw

  1. Clear the way
    Make sure there are no obstacles near you. Your attention will be upwards and it’s easy to stumble or fall on something. For lower branches, it might be best to use handheld garden prunes.
  2. Plan where you will need to cut
    Don’t be impatient. Most branches will need a number of smaller cuts to reduce the weight before your final cut.
  3. Position the saw
    Bring your pole saw to a vertical position using both hands. Take care to control its weight. When you bring the saw to your cutting spot, let the saw’s weight rest on the branch.
  4. Position yourself
    Find a position where you can hold the pole saw at chest level while standing well off to the side of the limb, never below it. The pole saw should be at an angle while you cut, not directly up and down.
  5. Make a groove
    To start, cut perpendicular to the branch so that your first stroke create a groove in the wood to guide you. This will make the rest of the cut easier.
  6. Finish your cut.
    Keep your eye on the branch and be ready to step out of the way at any time.
  7. Clear the area
    Remove all obstacles before cutting the next branch so that it does not trip you up.

Buying a Pole Saw

If you want to buy a pole saw either in Cork or anywhere in Ireland, we have a number of options available. We are big fans of Stihl products for garden work, and they make the best pole saws. If you need something with more reach, we can recommend the Silky Hayauchi Telescopic Polesaw. Have any questions or queries? Don’t hesitate to contact us today on 021-4965132