Petrol or Electric Leaf Blower?

Petrol or Electric Leaf Blower?

We’re sometimes asked, “Should I get a petrol or electric leaf blower?” or, “Is it better to go petrol or electric”? The answer is that it depends on what you need the tool for, the size of the space you’re managing and how often it’ll require maintenance. For professionals, it used to be that the only smart option was petrol. But today, there are some powerful battery powered leaf blowers on the market that can massively reduce fuel costs. When you’re working with a machine day in and day out the improvement in ambient air quality is also not to be underestimated.

Petrol Power VS Electric

The biggest advantage of any petrol-powered leaf blower is longevity and ease of refuelling. Nothing can beat the energy density of fossil fuels (for now). And refuelling only takes the time it takes to refill the tank. But on the downside, these machines are a little louder, more expensive to run, and more polluting (which is not a good thing when you’re breathing the air for hours a day). They also tend to have much heavier weight due to the inner workings of an internal combustion engine.

Battery Powered Blowers

Stihl have been producing some excellent battery powered blowers for years now. The lower end models are ideal for smaller jobs around a small domestic environment. For example, the BGA 45 helps you quickly tidy around the doorway porch and pavements, with enough charge for ten minutes of work. This exceptionally lightweight machine is all about ease and ergonomics, making it suitable if you have limited mobility. Weighing in at 2.2kg, it’s half that of the petrol-powered BG 45 petrol-powered entry-level model. But the BG 45 has almost 3x the blowing force at 13N vs 5N for the BGA 45. However, it has a CO2 output of 955 g/kWh.

Professional Petrol or Electric Leaf Blower

For professional-level battery-powered blowers, the new range of Ego blowers is very impressive. The Ego LBP8000E Backpack Blower delivers air speeds of up to 190mph and 26N of push force. On a single charge it can deliver the highest output for up to 24 minutes, 36 minutes on high and 76 minutes on its low setting.

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