Petrol and Battery Powered Consaws

Petrol and Battery Powered Consaws

Petrol and battery-powered consaws both offer pros and cons depending on what you need, what you need it for, and how often you’ll use it. Stihl is known across multiple industries for the quality of its saws, and this also applies to its concrete saws. If you’re looking for consaws in Ireland, then we provide two of the best of both classes. Let’s take a gander.

Petrol Powered Consaws

The Stihl TS 410 petrol-powered consaw is the heavy-duty powerhouse you’ll want if you’re doing intensive cutting. It has more power and can handle tougher materials. One of the biggest problems with operating any power for sustained periods of time is fatigue. Especially if you have high levels of vibration, which can cause numbness and other symptoms when exposed for too long. Stihl have an anti-vibration system to dampen oscillations caused by the machine’s engine. If you need a saw for long periods of time, the TS 410 has very low vibration levels of 3.9m/s2, which makes it much more comfortable to handle than most saws on the market.

Battery Powered

Stihl’s TSA 230 Cordless Consaw is great for lighter tasks, indoor use or in use in situations where access is a little trickier or space is a little tighter. When you’re dealing with a battery-powered machine, you typically get significant weight reduction. This is because you do away with most of the moving parts within an ICE. In the case of the TSA 230, the weight gains are phenomenal. While the petrol-powered TSA 410 weighs 9.4kg, the TSA 230 Cordless weighs only 3.9kg. If you’re in a cramped spot or forced into an awkward location, you’re probably going to appreciate the difference here. One downside here is that you will only get 95 minutes charge with one AR 3000 battery so you may need to double or triple up on those for longer periods of work.

Petrol and Battery Powered Consaws

As with anything, there are trade-offs with either option. Both petrol and battery powered consaws have water supply connections and vacuum accessories to allow you to control dust during operation. Both have exceptionally good vibration control, with the TSA 230 being better with vibration levels of 3.5 m/s2 vs 3.9m/s2 for the TS 410. Both are excellent in this regard.

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