Outdoor Maintenance: The Stihl RE 150 Plus

Outdoor Maintenance: The Stihl RE 150 Plus

Outdoor maintenance is an important task; whether you’re houseproud, or you’re cleaning up after some work, you will need the right equipment to do a good job. Whether you need to clear the concrete yard of soil, mulch and debris, or you have to clear away concrete or wood shavings, then a good power hose is your best choice. With that in mind, the Stihl RE 150 Plus is arguably Stihl’s most robust and dependable pressure washer.

Outdoor Maintenance using the Stihl RE 150 Plus

Which pressure washer you choose will depend on the work. If you have a lot of heavy-duty cleaning to do and plan to do it regularly, you can’t beat the RE 150 Plus. This washer cleans with a maximum pressure of 140 bar. Its high-pressure pump thrusts the water through its steel-reinforced hose at a rate that can remove the toughest dirt from your concrete, your walls, your car and glass. The RE 150 is built for longevity. In most pressure washers, the standard moving parts such as pistons are made from steel; the RE 150 Plus’ parts are coated in ceramic. This makes them far less prone to friction – even at high heat. High heat on moving parts is one of the major causes of wear and tear. This happens on the microscopic level, causing wear and tear over many days, weeks and months of use. But with ceramic coating massively reducing this issue, the RE 150 is built to last.

Built for Results

The adjustable rotary nozzle allows for many different cleaning jets to accommodate all situations. If one of the kids left chewing gum on the concrete, you can remove it easily with a high concentration jet. As with any high powered equipment, we recommend ear protection. This machine operates at 85 dB(A), which means sustained use can be harmful to your hearing. Cleaning the decking after a gathering? Adjust it to light but firm fan which will remove stains and dirt without damaging the wood. Appropriate settings allow this high powered machine to safely remove dirt from your car’s paint and windscreens without risk of damage. It weighs only 31kg and set on a pair of wheels, this is a great piece of equipment for around the home or at work. If you’re looking for another Stihl power hose, we recommend viewing our full range.

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