Ordering Chainsaw Chains Ireland

Ordering Chainsaw Chains Ireland

If you use a Stihl or Ego chainsaw and need some parts or gear, we have one of the best ranges of chainsaw chains Ireland has to offer. If you need a quick overview on what to look out for and how to choose the right chain for your Stihl saw, read on!

Chainsaw Chains Ireland: Check the compatbility

Each Stihl chainsaw model is compatible with specific chains. You need to know a few terms to make an informed decision – Pitch, Chain Length, Chain Gauge, and File Size.

Pitch and Chain Length

The pitch represents the distance between the centres of adjacent rivets divided by two, usually expressed in inches. Chain length is also crucial; different models accommodate chains of varying lengths. You need to match these specifications with your chainsaw model.

Chain Gauge and File Size

Chain gauge is the thickness of the drive link that fits into the bar of your chainsaw. You want a snug fit here. Similarly, maintaining your chain’s sharpness is crucial. You’ll need a file size that fits your chain for effective sharpening. A sharp chain is not just more efficient; it’s also safer.

Place Your Order

Double-check the correct specifications for the make and model of your chainsaw before you pick the chainsaw chain that matches your requirements and proceed to checkout. We deliver across Ireland, making the process seamless for you.

Quick Tips for Chainsaw Chain Maintenance

  • Always opt for a high-quality chain oil for lubrication.
  • Keep the chain razor-sharp; use the correct Stihl sharpening tools.
  • Check the chain tension; a centimetre of slack is ideal.
  • Never compromise with a dull chain; it’s a safety hazard.
  • Having a spare chain is always a good idea.

Ego Chainsaws

Ego have made a big impression in the industry in recent years with their high-powered electric power tools. Their chainsaws are top notch, and we provide ego chainsaw chains for those saws as well as the Ego chainsaws themselves. You can view our selection of Ego as well as Stihl battery-powered chainsaws on our listing here.

If you’re still confused or need a bit of advice on anything in our range, you can always give us a call on 021 4965 132.