Order a New Chainsaw Bar in Ireland

Order a New Chainsaw Bar in Ireland

You’ll usually find obvious signs when it’s time to get a new chainsaw bar. If you’re a professional using a chainsaw daily, it’ll come sooner than later. But the usual apparent signs are the peeled-away paint, dents, and abrasions. If you let things go for too long, you’ll see some bending on the bar. If you see any distortion on the bar, you’re overdue a replacement. Distortions and bends on the chainsaw bar increase the risk of the chain coming loose and snapping, which puts you at risk of serious injury. You can view our full range of Stihl Chainsaw Bars or read on for tips and advice.

How to Install Your New Chainsaw Bar

As you know, the first thing is to ensure the chainsaw is powered off and in safe mode. Remove the cover for the chainsaw by loosening and removing the bar nuts. You should be able to remove the cover easily, provided the bar hasn’t been heavily distorted.

Your saw comes with a chainsaw tool; you can use this or, in some cases, a flathead screwdriver to remove the bar and chain. Or, if you are working with chainsaw often you may want the TopSaw Tool, which has fallen wrenches for all saws, a small screwdriver for fuel and bar oil adjustments, a bar grove cleaner and a 13mm socket that will fit a bar nut on most chainsaws. You first need to loosen the tensioner, which you’ll find between the two bar nuts. Loosen that until the chain is fully slacked.

Next, remove the chain and the bar at the same time. You’ll now add your new bar onto the machine. If it’s the correct size, the holes will line up and be a snug fit with no shifting or sliding. If there’s any of that, you need to check your sizes, and you may need to re-order. Never work with a loosely fitting bar – it’s a serious safety risk.

Re-add the Bar

Next, attach the chain to the new bar. Start from the bar’s base out, ensuring the teeth are facing the right way (forwards). You can go here if you also need to order a new Stihl Chainsaw Chain.

Once your bar and chain are back on, tighten them back in place. The chain should be tight enough that it only barely comes off the bar by a millimetre or two at most. Once properly tightened, you can now re-attach the cover, give the chain an oiling and screw your bar nuts back in place.

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