New E-Scooters

New E-Scooters

Ninebot’s new e-scooters are really impressive, able to travel a seriously long-distance on a single charge. How do they achieve this? For those of us who were around in the late nineties, the Segway was heralded at the time by technologists as “a revolutionary invention in human transport”. We’ve all seen the photos, and Segway tours are still available in many big European cities. Steve Jobs and other big Silicon Valley geniuses couldn’t stop talking about the Segway. But why didn’t they take off when electric scooters did?

New E-Scooters: It’s All About Style!new e-scooters

What silicon valley nerds failed to appreciate is that nobody likes to look like a dork. And nothing said “Dork” like the original Segway. It didn’t take off because it’s just not cool. But the technology was amazing. The gyroscopic balancing system was a revolutionary idea and one that we see today in less stable — but much cooler forms. The big example being hoverboards. But the idea of electric personal transport is still revolutionary, and we can see that today with the advent of electric scooters. And the company that started this whole thing, Segway, are still alive, kicking, and innovating in the space.

The Ninebot Kickscooter

Ninebot is Segway’s company dedicated to producing the best quality electric transport systems available today. The Ninebot Kick scooter MAX G30 in an impressive piece of kit compared with the majority of scooters out there. With a max speed of 25kmph, this is about 10kmph faster than the average scooter. Added to this, it has a massive range. It can go up to 65km in one charge. And that’s not the end of it. Most scooters have thick rubber wheels. The MAX G30 has pneumatic wheels. These mean a less bumpy ride, more comfort, and less wear and tear which can happen with the thick rubber wheels in other solutions.

Ninebot’s range may well achieve what Segway set out to do in the dawn of the new millennium — revolutionise modern personal transportation. And the way they’ll achieve it is by taking the new technology and making it cool, easy to use, and very efficient. To find out more about our range of you have any questions about our free delivery, give us a call today on 021 496 51 32/