A Multi-Tool with Impressive Power

A Multi-Tool with Impressive Power

If you want a multi-tool with impressive power, the Stihl Kombi engine is a great tool to get more than one job done. These are fantastic for multiple situations. Rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’ and having a discrete two-stroke or battery-powered engine for various tools, the Kombi engine takes one robust, easy-to-use engine and allows you to apply it to many tasks around the garden or yard.

Stihl KM 131 R Kombi Engine

At the upper range of Stihl’s Kombi engines is the KM 131 R. This is suitable for professional use. You can use multiple kombi attachments to extend the usability and applications of the engine. For example, the Stihl HT-KM Pole Saw attachment and the HL-KM 145-degree long-reach hedgetrimmer are both available for the Kombi to provide far-reaching applications. It can also function as a strimmer. An aluminium shaft extension can add either one metre or half a metre of extension to any tool. Popular options include a grass cutter, a leaf blower and a cultivator, a bristle brush, a scrub cutter, and even a power sweeper.

The KMA 131 R: An electric Multi-Tool with Impressive Power

The KM 131 R weighs in at 4.4kg without attachments. This is the next generation of Kombi engines which uses Stihls’ ‘4-MIX’ technology to reduce emissions and improve efficiency for longer running time and less waste. It provides a power output of 1.4/1.9 Khw/bhp and functions well with any of the Kombi attachments.

Battery Powered Kombi

There’s a lot to be said for battery-powered machinery. Reduced weight is one of the most significant advantages of electric-powered tools. The KMA 130 R is 25% lighter than other Kombis weighing only 3.2kg. It also has significantly reduced sound levels, with a dB(A) of 104 compared with 120 with the 131R. And it also has reduced vibration levels meaning more comfort for sustained usage. The amount of time you get out of the battery depends on the battery. There are detailed descriptions of which batteries provide what kind of use-time on the product page. Naturally, the larger the battery pack, the more time you’ll get, so if you have a smaller yard or garden, you only need the smallest battery pack. If working on a larger yard or working professional, you may opt for a medium-sized or pro battery pack or backpack.

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