A Multi-Tool Worth Considering

A Multi-Tool Worth Considering

It’s often the case that a multi-tool is much lesser than the sum of their parts. They’re often made from lesser quality materials or are prone to breaking down, taking not just one tool but many tools with it. Thankfully, Stihl produces the Kombi engine system, a superb solution for many tasks that makes a good case for these multi-systems being a useful replacement for having multiple tools for different jobs.

The Stihl Multi-Tool Range

Stihl produces a range of Kombi engines suitable for domestic and professional use. They start with the KM 56 RE-E, with a price of €299. It uses an electronic ignition for the two-stroke engine. The engine uses modern design to reduce fuel consumption by 20% compared with a regular two-stroke engine while also significantly reducing exhaust fumes. This is a good system for around the house or smaller yard areas.

On the higher end of the scale is the Stihl KM 131 R Kombi Engine. This has twice the fuel capacity and significantly more power compared with the lower end model. It uses a four-stroke engine to generate more power, acceleration and torque with reduced noise and emissions. It’s also equipped with an anti-vibration system. One of the problems with handling power tools for sustained periods is that they can create numbness and tingle in your hands and arms. This phenomenon has been largely reduced.

The Fittings

Whatever Kombi System you go with, they all support the full range of kombi attachments. There are so many options and possibilities that you can quickly see the appeal for these multi-tools around the garden or in an outdoor working environment. With one engine, you have the possibility of adding a strimmer, a grass cutting blade, a leaf blower, an edge trimmer, a pole saw, a cultivator and multiple sweeping systems and long-reach cutters. A popular example is the Stihl FH-KM Scrub Cutter which does a great job of cutting close to the ground in narrow spaces where a larger piece of machinery literally wouldn’t cut it.

Our entire range of multi-tools is available to order online, with free shipping to anywhere in Ireland. If you have any questions about our range or a specific product, you can reach us anytime on our local number, (0)21 496 51 32.