What is The Most Powerful Leaf Blower?

What is The Most Powerful Leaf Blower?

What is the most powerful leaf blower? If you’re a professional groundskeeper, landscaper, or you simply have a large yard to tend to, then you may have found that a regular blower just doesn’t cut it. Large accumulations of wet leaves and debris can challenge many lower or mid-range blowers on the market. Out of Stihl’s entire range there’s one king: The BR 800 blower.

The BR 800: The Most Powerful Leaf Blower

We’re big proponents of Stihl’s range. Stihl are (with a few rare exceptions) synonymous with quality, reliability and effectiveness. And the BR 800 is Stihl’s most powerful blower. It is build for professionals who must work large areas for long periods of time, as well as domestic users who have large properties (and a lot of work) on their hands. The BR 800’s blowing force is 41 N, an almost 20% power boost over Stihl’s second-best blower, the BR 700 which comes in at 35 N. With this added power comes a larger engine, and the BR 800 manages this by redistributing the weight on your body.

Blow Fatigue Out of the Picture

Most low to mid-range blowers directly attach the engine to the blower nozzle. This is perfectly fine for lighter tasks, but fatigue and strain will quickly enter the stage for any sort of prolonged work. The 800 takes the strain off your arm and shoulder and instead redistributes its engine weight to your skeletal structure. It achieves this through a backpack-style carrying system. Think of one of those backpacks that, thanks to its waist strap, seems to make 60% of the load disappear. It’s the same design here. An ergonomic shoulder strap, chest strap and hip belt all combine to support the load in a tensile web. It does most of the holding for you, leaving your arm free to hold the light and flexible nozzle on your arm.

For anyone used to a regular blower with the engine attached to the nozzle, you’ll notice the difference immediately. The 800 is designed for teams to use. Its handle on the nozzle can be adjusted very quickly without tools to different operator heights. The handle has all the controls you need, so there’s no having to take the pack off to power it down whenever someone approaches you to communicate.

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