Mains Powered Shredders

Mains Powered Shredders

Mains powered shredders often have a bad reputation. If you’ve ever picked up an off-brand cheap model to get work done around the yard, you may have quickly discovered a number of issues. Very often, the space between the teeth is prone to clogging even with the smallest branches. With Stihl’s Electric Shredders, you are likely to get better performance for your money. If you prefer machinery that stands the test of time, then you may prefer a known brand with a solid reputation to uphold.

The Stihl GHE Range of Mains Powered Shredders

For most domestic use cases, an electric shredder is often the better option. If you have yard or garden work that can be done within reach of an extension cord, you will get good performance with none of the problems that accompany a two-stroke engine. We offer three of Stihl’s GHE range. This may be more than you’d spend on an off-brand model you’d find in a supermarket summer sale, so it’s a question of whether you want. Do you want a machine you use a few times and then throw away or one that will last? Let’s take a look at all three in turn and see what you get for your money. Each of the mains powered shredders can handle a branch thickness of up to 35mm and has a chute that helps dampen noise, keeping the sound level at 100 dB(A).

The Three Models

The Stihl GHE 150 is the entry-level shredder coming in at €439.

The Stihl GHE 250 has an improved cutting tool, the Multi-Cut 250 uses two chipping blades placed symmetrically and two double-winged blades. These allow you to chip material more easily.

The Stihl GHE 355 is the higher-end model with a cost of €719. With an extremely efficient cutting tool, the ‘Multi-Cut 355’ takes away the biggest issue with electric shredders; The time you often spend feeding branches into the chute. With the upgraded cutting tool, the cutting speed is drastically increased. It achieves this improved speed by what is called a ‘Blade Rotation Reverse System’.

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