Lithium Ion Shears

Lithium Ion Shears

Electric shears were not really feasible even fifteen years ago, but as Lithium-Ion technology improves and the usage times of electric garden tools improves, so do the possibilities.

Lithium Ion Shears: The Stihl GTA 26 Range

Still’s GTA 26 range is composed of a pruner, shears, and a telescopic shaft which can be used with the two devices in cases where you need to get a minor amount of clipping down close to the ground. Both devices use a custom battery pack, the AS 2, built specifically for these two tools. Let’s take a look.

Stihl’s GTA 26 Pruner

This is a great tool with a wide range of use cases. Whether you’re a bit of pruning to do around the yard, or you’re a professional and need something to reduce fatigue while dealing with smaller wood and brush, the GTA 26 may be suitable for your needs. You can think of it as a miniature chainsaw that you can carry and use with one hand. With a bar length of 10 centimetres and weighing 1.2kg, it takes the load off your arms. This is a good choice if you are doing a large amount of work and need ways to reduce strain. It’s also good for those of us with mobility or joint issues who may need to get some slightly heavier work done but don’t want to suffer the consequences the day after!

Lithium Ion Shears: The HSA 26

The electric shears are a good choice if you like to keep a well-manicured look to your hedging, shrugs and grass. This is a very lightweight tool, weighing in at just 0.8 kilograms, making it suitable for everyone. It uses special blades designed to handle branches of up to 8mm in diameter. Its blades move with a speed of 2000 strokes per minute. It runs with low vibration levels; You are less likely to experience numbness or tingling in your hands and arms if you use this on a single charge. The battery supports a function for up to 110 minutes and can be quickly swapped out for a replacement if you plan on working for longer.

The Telescopic Shaft

While the HSA 25 telescopic shaft, you can use the HSA 26 Electric Shears close to the ground – so if you have some patches of grass growing in difficult-to-reach areas of your garden, the scope will make it easier to deal with them.

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