Leaf Blowers in Ireland: Finding the Best Model For Your Needs

Leaf Blowers in Ireland: Finding the Best Model For Your Needs

Over the years, there’s been a growing interest in leaf blowers in Ireland. These power tools are a great way to clear your yard of leaves, dirt, and debris. While a traditional blower is best suited for medium to large spaces. Smaller garden owners can also benefit from the ease of a battery-powered model. We are advocates for Stihl’s product range in a lot of categories; Leaf blowers are definitely a category where Stihl excels, with different models for all kinds of different situations.

Lightweight, Battery-Powered Freedom

Do you have a smaller garden or yard to contend with? Stihl’s lightweight handheld battery powered leaf blowers, such as the BGA 57, offer a practical solution. Weighing only 2.3 kg, this cordless electric blower is suitable for users of all ages and ranges of mobility. The ease of use and greater mobility comes with reduced power and shorter runtime before a battery must be replaced, making these leaf blowers ideal for smaller gardens and yards. The battery life of these blowers typically lasts for approximately 24 minutes of continuous use, depending on the model and battery capacity. Although not intended for industrial or professional applications, these leaf blowers are perfect for small to medium-sized gardens or semi-outdoor areas where leaves and debris accumulate.

Petrol-Powered Performance

For those with larger gardens or professional landscaping needs, a petrol-powered leaf blower will probably serve you best. Stihl has a grat range, such as the BG 86 C-E. These powerful blowers provide extended runtimes so you can clear larger areas without stopping. The downside is that petrol-powered leaf blowers are generally heavier, with many metal parts composing the internal combustion engine, and with more moving parts they tend to require more maintenance than their electric counterparts. This is where backpacks become the ideal solution for larger gardens or professional use.

Backpack Leaf Blowers Ireland

If you need power and longevity, you’re probably going to be working for long enough durations that a backpack leaf blower will be a good option to consider. Backpacks including the BR 450 C-EF, are an excellent choice. These leaf blowers distribute the weight of the machine across your skeletal structure, so you can work efficiently without straining your arms and shoulders.

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