Lawn Maintenance Multi-Tool

Lawn Maintenance Multi-Tool

A Lawn Maintenance Multi-Tool can offer a great deal of utility for you if you have a lot of tasks to work through. Whether it’s cultivating quality soil or keeping the surface free from debris, the Stihl Multi Engine could provide a great deal of value and help reduce costs and storage requirements while providing a large range of possibilities around your outdoor space.

What Attachments Are Available?

The Multi Engine can be connected with a wide range of attachments. For surface maintenance you have the Stihl KW-KM Power Sweep, which can help tidy up foliage, dirt and grass clippings without much effort.

The BG-KM Leaf Blower attachment can help you clear flower beds and pathways of cut grass or leaves. A Bristle Brush is also available, as well as the HT-KM Pole Saw attachment. This makes quick work of shrubs, bushes and trees with a total length of 126cm.

The BF-KM cultivator can be used for rejuvenating soil and preparing planting areas for the next crop.

Lawn Maintenance: The Features

One of the issues with having multiple tools is storage. If you have a van or smaller vehicle this issue can become problematic; The MultiEngine system has a foldable drive unit and frame, allowing for easy transport and reduced space requirements. You can easily fold up the system, even while you have an attachment fitted. You don’t need additional tools to remove attachments.

Stihl built their Multi Engine to reduce fuel costs (and environmental emissions) compared with other 2-stroke engines without this technology. Studies found that the engine’s superior system saved 20% on fuel costs and prevented 70% of emissions from escaping into the environment.

The Multi Engine also has an easy start feature. A small fuel pump means you can drastically reduce the number of starting pulls to get to work. If you have an extended break between tasks, just press the button and fuel will be delivered to the carburettor without you having to strain to get things moving again.

You can use the engine for many tasks, and so the control handle accomodates that, with an ergonomic design that feels right no matter what attachment you have fitted.

If you have questions about the Stihl MultiEngine or attachments, you can reach us today on 021-496 51 32