High Reach Hedgetrimmers

High Reach Hedgetrimmers

High reach hedgetrimmers go a long way to helping you hack away at high hedges. As a professional or home gardener with tall hedging knows, your hedges will grow fast and wild — in particular during the summer months. If you’re after clean lines in your lawn area, this can mean multiple trips up a ladder to tackle the upper-reaches. Not always a great move, especially in areas with uneven ground. A good quality long reach hedge trimmer will allow you to get the job done comfortably and safely. Which one to choose?

The HLA 66

For trimming hedges around your home, you’re likely not going to be spending more than an hour on tidying the upper reaches of your hedgerows. This means you can compromise on power and robustness for lightness and ease of use. In these situations, we’d recommend an HLA 66, Stihl’s battery-powered option. Without a heavy two-stroke engine to hold on your shoulders, it weighs only 3.8 kilograms. The overall balance of the HLA 66 is better distributed, so you don’t get aches and pains nearly as rapidly as if y0u’re using a standard trimmer. It offers 205 centimetres of reach, making it suitable for most hedging. The HLA 86 is a professional-level battery-powered system that extends your reach by a further 1 metre, with a maximum length of 260 – 330 cm. The HLA 86 can be folded up to 180cm to make it easier to carry and transport. It only weighs 4.8 kilograms with the added extension compared with the ’66, which makes it drastically lighter than a standard machine. Both machines have a dB(A) 1 of 88, which is significantly less noisy than a regular machine but still requires ear protection during sustained use.

High Reach Hedgetrimmers: Petrol Options

The HL 94 weights at 6.1 kilograms, with a dB(A) 1 of 106 and a total length: 242 cm. So while heavier and louder than the HLA 86, what makes it stand out in comparison is that it runs on petrol. The advantage of this is powerful, continuous use for longer jobs. The downside is increased vibrations, with a vibration level in the 4.0 region. Much more vibration when compared with electric models which run at around 1.0 – 2.0. This means that you will get more work done faster with an HL 94, with trade-offs in weight and comfortability.

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