Handheld Garden Powertools

Handheld Garden Powertools

Handheld Garden Powertools have come on leaps and bounds over the last few years. We’ve been quietly watching the state of the art and seeing how Stihl has consistently brought out some neat, handy tools that can make things easier for those working in the garden and even professionals who are looking for something to make things easier. Especially on those small jobs that can add up and take a lot of your time. Here are two great examples of the Stihl AS battery range:

Handheld Garden Powertools: a Sheer Joy to Use

Stihl’s HSA 26 Shears can make a difference if you’re doing any sustained trimming or shearing work around your yard. Whether you need to tidy up some shrubs or bushes, or you’re doing some high-precision detailing on some ornamental greens. The HSA 26 takes a lot of repetitive strain out of the kind of work that would typically require the precision of a manual tool. With a manual tool, you usually have a lightweight mechanical shear that is easy to handle, which gives you much more accuracy. This just wasn’t possible with power pools before, but weighting in at only .8 of a kilogram, the HSA 26 is very easy to handle.

Pruning without the Pain

The GTA 26 Pruner replaces the typical pruner with a very clever little 1/4 inch electric chainsaw. For many people, prolonged use of cutting tools such as mechanical pruners can become taxing on their joints and muscles. And for professionals who will be working all day, those small cuts can quickly add up and become quite time intensive. This tool takes away the strain and gives you back some time.

A normal saw would be far too cumbersome (and its weight and handling would defeat any potential gains to be had for those who find pruning hard work. However, the GTA 26 weighs only 1.2 kilos and its small, easy-to-handle saw blade can make quick work of those smaller little branches that break most mechanical shears. While not built for sustained sawing of large branches or hardwood, it has an AS 2 Lithium-Ion battery with enough charge to get through thickets and the more slender branches suitable for a standard prune. It’s an excellent tool for at-home gardeners, especially those who have difficulties with arthritis or other issues. And a handy extra for professionals who may just be looking for a means to get them through the work a little faster and with less effort.

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