Great Under Pressure: Stihl's Yard Hoses

Great Under Pressure: Stihl's Yard Hoses

Stihl’s pressure washer range works great under pressure. The problem with most pressure washers is that they don’t last. Because most of us aren’t going to use a power washer that often, we may assume we can get away with a low cost one. And you might get lucky and find a well-made off-brand model that does the job and stays in good shape. But all-too-often you get what you pay for. You may come across a machine where the external parts look strong and suitable for your needs, but very often, the failure will happen internally.

Great Under Pressure: Stihl’s Yard Hoses

One of the great things about Stihl is they offer a range of products in each category, designed for different use-cases. They start at entry-level models for around the home, such as the RE 90 and RE 100, and work their way up from there. Low cost doesn’t have to mean low quality. The RE 100 has an operating pressure of 110 bar, with a six-metre hose and a range of attachments. When you’re shopping around, it’s always advisable to seek out customer reviews and experiences. This is always easier when you have a well-known brand such as Stihl. With their brushless induction motors, they’re going to last longer than alternatives. Choosing a power washer with superior internals means you’re likely to have fewer issues and less chance of failure compared with power washers that have a more traditional internal design.

For Professional Use

If you need a professional-level machine, Stihl accommodates your needs. On the higher end of the scale, you have the Stihl RE 150 Plus. While Stihl’s entire range offers a better internal configuration, on the higher end, their motors have extra protection against motor wear and tear. The RE 150 Plus has low friction, wear-resistant ceramic rotary nozzle. When you’re using the electric motor of a power washer intensively, it’s going to get hot. Ceramic can handle high temperatures, and its natural low friction surface means that you’re going to get less wear on the nozzle surface. As the single most vulnerable part in the motor, choosing this option is recommended for anyone who wants a dependable, long-lasting machine that is great under pressure, working day in and day out.

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