Going Cordless in the Garden

Going Cordless in the Garden

Many people are going cordless in the garden. With the advent of superior battery technology, many things are now possible that were totally impractical just a few years ago. Many of us have larger garden spaces or areas where it’s inconvenient to run cables to carry out some garden work, so the ability to make your garden work more mobile is a plus for many situations. We have one of the largest ranges of battery-powered machinery in Ireland, with Stihl being front and centre as one of the most reliable manufacturers on the market.

Going Cordless with Compact Garden Tools

Stihl has a comprehensive range of battery-powered equipment, and their compact battery range is excellent for those looking to get work done around the home or in smaller areas that don’t require hours of work (and which don’t have a whole lot of storage for larger tools). For example, the Stihl HSA 56 Battery Powered Hedgetrimmer is excellent for areas that need a bit of light work in the summer. It allows you to shape the hedge without much effort. And you don’t need to wear ear protection while using it; The battery-powered motor runs quietly compared with regular garden equipment. It has two levers for safety, and the blade is angled at 45 degrees to keep you away from the blade while making the work less strenuous.

Powering Up

It’s worth keeping in mind that Stihl built these tools for shorter periods of time. They aren’t a full replacement for larger or professional jobs. If you have the smaller AK10, you’ll get from 10-50 minutes of run time. And with the AK 20 battery, you’ll get from 20-100 minutes. Some people choose to keep a spare battery so that you can keep the work going if you run out before you’ve completed a section. And for smaller gardens that need a regular touch-up, it’s perfect as you can do a section, let it recharge, and then give it another pass the next time you’re out in the space. We provide the full range of Stihl Batteries and accessories, which is worth looking at if you’re considering purchasing an item.

If you have any questions about going cordless with our range of Stihl products, don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 021-496 51 32