Garden Maintenance Tools

Garden Maintenance Tools

Not everyone loves mowing the lawn. For some of us, it’s a bit of a chore. But either way, having good quality garden maintenance tools will make your work lighter, easier and, if not more pleasurable, at least less painful. We provide a range of lawn care tools, from sleek electric lawnmowers to versatile strimmers and powerful leaf blowers. Here’s an overview of what we cover.


We have a complete range of lawnmowers from push mowers to ZTL tractor mowers and robot mowers. An entry-level machine for smaller spaces is an electric lawn mower. An electric mower is perfect for the smaller Irish garden, and provides a lighter alternative to a comparatively cumbersome petrol mower. They’re also less maintenance with no need for petrol or oil changes. Electric tractor mowers are now available with as much power as some of the top performers. Last but certainly not least, for those of us who detest maintaining a lawn, a robo mower might be the one to consider. This takes all the work out of maintaining a lawn.

Garden Maintenance Tools: Strimmers

Strimmers tackle the overgrown grass along the edges and around obstacles with ease. An essential for the detail-oriented gardener, strimmers come in both electric and petrol forms. When shopping for a strimmer, note the cutting path width for efficiency and handle length for comfort, ensuring a perfectly edged garden every time. For the smaller gardens, an electric strimmer is ideal. It’s quieter, simpler to manage, and perfect for those harder-to-reach areas.

Leaf Blowers

The Autumnal shower of leaves, though beautiful, can quickly become a pain. Especially when the rain turns it into mud. A good leaf blower can be indispensable for large grounds and yards with heavy tree cover. Even if you have a smaller space, an electric leaf blower can help make clearing up easier compared with traditional tools like a rake. For more extensive spaces, a petrol-powered blower is probably your best bet. These have a larger capacity and greater blowing power so you can get the job done in one go.

If you’re looking for advice on the best garden maintenance tools, or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on 021 4965132.