Garden Machinery Repair & Servicing Cork

Garden Machinery Repair & Servicing Cork

There is nothing worse than gardening around your home and your equipment won’t work properly. Everyone has been through it or something similar, you’re halfway through cutting your lawn when suddenly your lawnmower makes a strange noise and gives up. This leaves your garden looking out of sorts and worse off than when you started.

We provide a garden machinery repair and servicing service to keep your garden machinery in great shape. Over the last 30 years, we have built a great reputation for providing high-quality repairs & servicing of garden machinery for customers in Cork. Our experienced technicians can perform specific repairs, tune-up equipment or provide your garden machinery with a full service so it can stay in top condition all year round.

If any of your garden machinery seems to be struggling to start or having issues while in operation, we can help you identify what is wrong and sort it. Whether that is a repair or a routine service. We service and repair anything from lawn mowers, leaf blowersGarden Machinery Repair & Servicing Cork, strimmers/brushcutters, hedge trimmers, pole saws, Kombi engines, shredders to tillers. No matter what the make or model is, we can help you sort the problem. Some of the brands that we repair and maintain are;- Viking, Stihl, Toro, Gardencare and lots more.

There are are a lot of benefits to getting your garden machinery repaired or serviced;-

  • Assurance your equipment will operate under safe conditions for the machine and more importantly the operator. Potential issues can be dealt with before they have a chance to cause any harm.
  • Machine wear and tear can cause lower machine efficiency. Repairing & servicing ensures optimal working conditions for the machine. Also, the lifespan of the garden machinery is conserved.
  • You will have lower costs by sorting small issues before turning into bigger more costly problems. Machinery that is serviced regularly does not have to be “turned over” frequently which lowers your machinery costs over time.
  • Productivity and performance are improved through repairing and servicing garden machinery.

We carry out our garden machinery repairs and servicing quickly and efficiently so you can have your equipment back in full working order as fast as possible. If any of your garden machinery is giving you trouble or has stopped working, we have the solution whatever the problem. To book a repair, service or you would just like some advice, call us on 021-4965132 or visit us in store today.