Equipment for the Garden

Equipment for the Garden

It’s March, and some of our customers are looking for equipment for the garden. Many of us are getting the feeling that we’re shifting from winter to spring, the days start earlier, we rise earlier, and the promise of summer is becoming brighter by the day. Here are some essential outdoor items for those of you who need to kick-start your lawn for the new year.

Scarifing Equipment For The Garden

Over months of dark skies and wet weather, your soil can become compacted, covered with moss and dead clumps of grass and other matter. If left as-is, your lawn will regrow, but you’re like to have clay patches and an uneven spread. This means that you can really give your lawn a boost with a scarifier in spring. It removes the build-up of organic debris that prevents your soil from getting the water and nutrients it needs to bounce back in spring. For this, STIHL built the excellent RL 540 Scarifier. There’s a reason we mainly provide STIHL equipment, they’re easily one of the best in the business. Make sure that before you scarify, you mow the lawn. You want the height to be adjusted to remove any dead leaves or thatch that are built up over the winter.

Tractor Mowers

For anyone with a larger yard or garden to maintain, the advantages of a ride-on lawnmower cannot be overstated. While you can a lot of work done with single-use machinery, but you’re on another level when you take advantage of a ride on mower equipped with the necessary gear for attachments. For example, once the thatch and moss have been untangled from your lawn with a scarifier, you can then tidy things up with a lawn sweeper attachment for your mower.

You can also fertilise your lawn quite easily with a tractor mower. A lawn spreader can make a quick job of fertilising or re-seeding larger open lawn areas such as pitches and golf courses. Or if you happen to have a larger piece of land to maintain, this is the easiest and most efficient way of getting the job done properly, with an even spread and a reliable finish all-round.

If you need any specific equipment for the garden or you have any questions about our range, you can call us today on 021 496 51 32