Electric Tools for Professionals

Electric Tools for Professionals

Electric garden tools have a lot going for them. They’re light, easy to handle and pack great power to weight ratios. This makes them perfect for many tasks around the yard. However, the Achilles heel in most electric garden tools is power density. Batteries typically don’t have enough charge for long-term use as you’d expect in a working environment. However, Stihl provides a solution for this gap with the AR 2000 battery pack system.

Reduce Fatigue

When you’re carrying out a task such electric hedge trimming, the balance of the tool combined with the vibrations of a two-stroke engine can stress your body after a few hours, especially when carried out daily. It can even lead to physiological issues such as numbness and tingling. However, a battery-powered tool alleviates a considerable amount of vibration. And with the AR 2000, you can take far more of that weight off the device and onto your back, where the weight has less potential to create fatigue. This is simply because our spinal muscles are white ‘slow twitch’ fibres which do not tire nearly as quickly compared with the red ‘fast twitch’ muscles fibres of the arms, which are best for fast, powerful movements but not for sustained holding.

Electric Tools for Professionals: The AR 2000

Rather than using the usual range of Stihl batteries which connect directly to the tool, the AR 2000 is a battery pack that takes all the weight of the battery and distributes it evenly near your centre of gravity. Using lithium-ion power cells, it contains four times more energy than the Stihl AP300 battery pack for a total of 916 Watt-hours of energy. This is likely much more than you’ll need for most single jobs, giving you ample energy to get the job done.

Do you need the AR 2000?

Stihl’s AR 2000 battery pack is designed for tasks that demand sustained power for more extended periods. If you’re using electric garden tools around the home for smaller gardens and yards, you may not need this amount of power as you can get with one or two of the smaller Stihl battery packs such as the AP300 S.
On the other hand, if you are a professional user and you want to ensure you always have more than enough power, you could also consider the AR 3000 with even more power.

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