Electric Pruner: The Stihl GTA 26

Electric Pruner: The Stihl GTA 26

An electric pruner can be a useful addition to your arsenal. This is for you if you are a professional landscaper. As a battery-powered pruner with a miniature chainsaw, the GTA 26 must be treated with great care and only used after training and learning about its safety features. This is a heavy-duty pruner, so you will need to wear full protective clothing at all times.

The GTA 26 is a high-quality piece of machinery. It can be excellent for a landscaper who may need to perform a large amount of lighter work. It can cut vines or other thin branches that are growing around a tree, or remove brush that’s tangled up. The GTA 26 can be an excellent option for quickly and comfortably removing these obstacles without cumbersome, larger machines which can be more dangerous in certain areas. A handheld pruner used constantly can be a strain, especially if this is just one small job of many. The pruner takes away that strain and increases your efficiency. With regards to battery life, if you are continually cutting it may last about 15 minutes, but for normal usage where you are going from one area to another it will likely last up to one hour. This is not a replacement to a full electric chainsaw and doing any kind of saw work will wear the battery out in a matter of minutes.

The GTA 26 Electric Prunerelectric pruner

The Stihl GTA 26 is essentially a miniature electric chainsaw. It has a 4″ blade with the same chain used in Stihl’s electric pole saws. The GTA 26 comes in a pack with the pruner, the battery and charger, as well as oil for the chain. It weighs 1.2 kilograms, a little heavier than a box of cereal, so it’s comfortable to hold and use.

When using the pruner, ensure that the chain is well lubricated. This chain doesn’t spin very quickly so it won’t wear as fast compared with a regular chainsaw. It has a built-in battery gauge so you can tell if the battery needs replacing. The pruner is suitable for pruning small limbs and relatively little branches. It isn’t ideal for cutting larger pieces of wood that would require a regular or electric chainsaw. Stihl also provides electric garden shears, though note that the batteries for this device are not compatible with the GTA 26.

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