Electric Leaf Blowers

Electric Leaf Blowers

Electric leaf blowers have a lot of advantages in comparison to your regular petrol powered motors. While they’re not as powerful, you gain a great deal of advantages in terms of usability and handling. Suffice to say, a cordless leaf blower is a great option for many households and for those of us who don’t have huge workloads to contend with.

Electric leaf blowers VS Regular Leaf Blowers

The advantages of a regular petrol powered leaf blower are power and longevity. Fossil fuels have great energy density and so you’re able to carry a lot more energy on a single tank. This is often preferred for professional usage, such as landscaping and forestry work. But the downside is weight and handling. Generally these machines will have much heavier metal parts, with pistons and other moving pieces that weigh you down and are prone to wear and tear and other issues. And, of course, since a combustion engine is the culmination of dozens of small explosions thrusting steel pistons, you also get a lot of noise and some sort of ear protection is usually needed. A good example of a handheld leaf blower is the Stihl BG 56 C-E, a robust and dependable machine that gets the job done around the home. Weighing in at 4kg, it’s relatively light for combustion blower, and offers an airspeed of 64 m/s.

The Cordless Option

The Stihl BGA 45 Cordless Blower offers a great compromise, with the best weight and handling with reliable strength. Suitable for smaller work tasts, such as a build up of dry leaves and light debris around your garden, the BGA 45 has a weight of 2.1kg, making it extremely light on the arms. It also has an airspeed of 38 m/s.

For an electric leaf blower with more wallop, there is also the BGA 86. This is a step up with a weight of 3.1kgs providing significantly more thrust, with an airspeed of 69 m/s but with drastically reduced vibration levels compared with the petrol powered BG 56 C-E. So you get the same airspeed (triple the blowing force of the BGA 45), but with reduced weight and vastly more comfortable handling compared with a petrol powered handheld blower.

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