Electric Garden Tools

Electric Garden Tools

Electric garden tools are becoming more popular each year. As battery technology improves, the advantages of a lighter, quieter power tool become more appealing to more people. In particular, Stihl’s range of domestic-use battery powered garden tools is excellent for less-intensive professional use, at home and around the garden. With much lighter designs, these are comfortable for everyone to use. Here are a few examples.

Electric Garden Tools: The FSA 57 Trimmer

When you’re keeping your garden tidy, cutting the grass and weeding the flower beds, you’ll always have areas around the parameter that you just can’t reach with the mower. The only efficient way to get at these areas is with a trimmer. But most trimmers have a loud, heavy two-stroke engine and are designed for larger-scale use. The FSA 57 Trimmer bridges that gap. Designed for lighter use around the yard, it’s quiet and light, with minimal vibration thanks to its electric motor. And with Stihl’s range of batteries, it has a run life of 25 minutes per battery. You can swap batteries if you need a bit more time to finish the job, so you have more than enough to keep things tidy around the yard.

The HSA 56 Hedgetrimmer

Like the trimmer, the HSA 56 hedge trimmer bridges that gap when a professional-level petrol-powered engine is overkill, and a lighter, more portable option is preferred. With an excellent balance and minimal vibrations, you can comfortably use the HSA 56 for as long as you need. It can run for a minimum of 100 minutes using the AK 20 Lithium-Ion battery pack, or a minimum of 50 minutes with the AK 10. As far as electric garden tools go, the HSA 56 is perhaps one of the more impressive examples that makes it great for keeping your hedges and light foliage tidy throughout the year with minimal effort.

The Stihl MSA 120 C-BQ Chainsaw 12″ electric garden tools

The MSA 120 C-BQ is excellent for keeping your garden trim and tidy. It’s great for smaller branches and bushes around the garden. It can also be used for cutting up firewood for your home stove. Chainsaws are potentially dangerous without proper handling; our range is only available for collection in-store only. Before purchasing any chainsaw, we recommend you go over the safe usage and features of the machine before you use it.

View our full range of battery-powered garden tools. Most of our equipment (not including chainsaws) has free delivery to Ireland when you order online. For any queries contact us on 021 4965 132