Choosing Between Cordless Or Petrol Powered Machinery

Choosing Between Cordless Or Petrol Powered Machinery

Choosing between cordless or petrol-powered machinery can be tricky when you have a few different considerations pulling you in different directions. This article will give you a framework and quick over to help you decide between regular and battery-powered garden tools more easily.

Choosing Between Cordless Or Petrol Powered Machinery

Consider your trade-offs when deciding between the two options. Above all else, the big benefit of cordless machinery is reduced weight, reduced vibration levels, reduced noise levels, and generally speaking, a better balance in your hands.

Why Petrol?

The big advantages of a traditional petrol-powered machine are generally power and longevity. While we are all moving away from petroleum, there is still a lot to be said about the energy density of fossil fuels. When you think of how much distance you can get in your car with just a litre of liquid fuel, it’s quite incredible. Meanwhile, batteries are still a work in progress, and despite major improvements over the years, it’s still a far cry in terms of energy density compared with petrol. This will probably always be the case, and so in the future, we can expect reduced costs and, yes, increased capacity, but for sustained jobs that take several hours, we will always be swapping out battery packs in future decades.

Battery Operated Garden Tools

While it is possible to get exceptional power with a battery, in general, manufacturers must be a trade-off between longevity and strength. With modern technology, the tools are usually optimised for sustained use over intensive power. And so, if you have challenging jobs, such as extended use of a chainsaw, wood chipper, or anything where your tool is going to be encountering dense, stubborn wood or foliage, you may opt for petrol. The reality of conventional petrol-powered tools today is they can handle more intense work for longer periods compared with battery.

Still, the beauty of batteries is that you’re going to have reduced weight, reduced vibrations, easier and more comfortable handling, and all in all, a more easeful experience. This allows for novel new tools such as lithium-ion shears, Swapping out batteries is certainly worth considering if you are experiencing discomfort due to high levels of vibration in your existing power tools.

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