Cordless Landscaping Solutions

Cordless Landscaping Solutions

Cordless landscaping solutions are growing in range and in performance. What does it mean to go cordless in the garden or at work as a landscaper? The benefits are clear for anyone who has had to contend with tangled extension cables or a jump start chord that jumps plenty — but doesn’t start. Battery operated tools work instantly. As long as you have fresh batteries installed, you’re ready to go. And because they’re not fitted with a cumbersome petroleum engine, they’re much lighter than the legacy alternatives.

The energy density of batteries has plenty of room for improvement, but state of the art today is still good enough to get the job done around the home. There may be trade-offs for some larger jobs or larger areas, such as switching between many batteries that you may prefer to choose regular petrol-powered alternatives.

A Battery Backpack

However, if the battery-powered system is preferable, you can use professional battery equipment such as a Stihl Backpack to power your tools for sustained periods. And because the Stihl battery backpack is close to your centre of gravity, carry multiple batteries feels very comfortable. It also takes some of the weight off your arms so you can manage the work for longer periods of time.

This can be a huge benefit when you’re performing landscaping work such as clearing brush. A brushcutter An electric trimmer is the lighter option, taking the weight off your arms and reducing vibrations. The result is a game-changer for anyone doing multiple hours of landscaping work. If you’re a professional and have difficulties with numbness and tingling from the oscillation of power tools, then an electric hedge trimmer can solve your issue or, at the very least, reduce the symptoms.

When Cordless Landscaping Solutions Don’t Suit

If a battery-powered brushcutter is not going to work in your case because you have larger areas to work with, but you are still after reduced vibration levels, you may want to consider the Stihl FS 560 C-EM. This machine has been engineered to reduce sound and vibration levels to improve the comfort of professionals who must work with the machine on a daily basis.

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