Cordless Gardening Tools

Cordless Gardening Tools

We’ve come a long way in the last couple of decades regarding cordless gardening tools. In the past, if we wanted anything electric in the garden or yard, we had to use a wired tool. That has changed as lithium-ion battery technology has improved over iterations. We’re now at a point where, while it’s not a replacement for any heavy-duty work, electric gardening machinery can function very well for plenty of tasks around the home and even in professional situations.

Cordless Gardening Tools: The AS Battery Range

The Stihl AS battery range is an excellent option for pruning and tidying. If you have a lot of hedging that requires precision clipping, you can use the HSA 26 Shears to get the benefits of a manual tool with the speed and ease of a power tool. It’s strong enough to tackle branches of up to 8mm in thickness, meaning you can glide over most hedging rapidly, leaving you with a tidy finish that you can scape as you see fit.

Another great tool in the AS range is the GTA 26 pruner. This is like a mini saw which can be very handy for specific tasks such as pruning thicker shrubs and trees where a full chainsaw would be overkill, and a handheld saw would be awkward or painstaking. This is a great in-between tool that can reduce strain and increase efficiency even for professional workers who perhaps have more refined work to do, and a chainsaw is inappropriate. Finally, an honourable mention here is the SEA 26 handheld vacuum cleaner which is handy for your workshop, garage and around the house. These all work with the same interchangeable AS batteries.

The Stihl Cordless range

The Stihl Cordless range has the right tool around the garden or yard using electric power to reduce machine weight and increase ease of use. These use an integrated battery which makes them easy to use and ideal for lighter work around the home, especially for those of us who have particular mobility needs where heavy weights and vibrations are an uncomfortable combination. This range also includes a Cordless blower, the BGA 45, as well as a cordless strimmer and hedgetrimmer.

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