Cordless Garden Tools

Cordless Garden Tools

Cordless garden tools are becoming increasingly popular as the cutting edge of lithium-ion batteries continues to improve. Every few years we get a little more power density in the battery cells and with that comes greater endurance and utility for battery-powered machinery. At the forefront of this innovation is Stihl, which manufactures a solid range of cordless tools. They have a wide range for everyone; From casual home users to seasoned professionals who require the tools for hours each day. Let’s take a closer look.

Compact Cordless Garden Tools

Stihl’s Compact Battery Range is great for domestic use cases, small yards and can in some cases be a handy accompaniment for professional users. These cordless garden tools are light, easy to handle and not too heavy on the wallet either. These are light tools such as the Stihl RMA 339 lawnmower. Anyone used to a typical mower will be surprised by the ease of use of the RMA 339. While not designed for thick growth, brushes or other difficult spots, it’s perfect for small to medium-sized lawns.

The AS Range

There is also the AS battery range from Stihl, which has some handheld devices that can be helpful accompaniments for finer jobs. Such as the GTA 26 Pruner, which is a handheld electric pruner which is suitable for small to medium-sized branches and stalks. This is ideal for anyone with issues such as arthritis who have difficulties with manual tools. It’s also a handy addition for anyone doing larger pruning jobs and want to make quicker work of it. For this reason, it can be a suitable tool for some professionals who just want a tool for lighter jobs. While this uses a chainsaw-like system, it is designed for smaller branches. It can cut through something thicker but keep in mind that it will have a limited battery supply and so using it in this manner is less efficient than also having a chainsaw. Also in the AS range is this electric handheld vacuum, which is great for the car, workshop or shed when you just need to tidy up dust and other small debris quickly.

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