Compact Electric Tools

Compact Electric Tools

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we’ve been strong proponents of Stihl products for years. They produce solutions for almost every niche you can think of, producing tools for everyone from professional arborists to those of us doing a bit of puttering around the garden. And for those of us who don’t need the biggest and most powerful machinery, there’s a great range of compact battery tools that give you great ease and handling and enough power for those smaller jobs around your home.

Compact Blowing

If you don’t need the biggest and most powerful blower, then the Stihl BGA 57 electric blower is fantastic. It has only half of the weight compared to a typical smaller leaf blower that runs on petrol. It weighs in at only 2.2kg. And it has enough power to run for 22 minutes on one of the standards batteries; it’s an excellent tool for those brush-up jobs around the garden. Those leaves and twigs accumulate around your patio, pathways, drive and porch. It does it all neatly with a maximum airspeed of about 50 m/s. Naturally, this is less than what you’d get with a more beefy system. But for those of us who have a smaller space, it’s perfect.

Compact Electric Tools: mowing

For smaller lawns that never get too chaotic, you don’t need a massive machine to keep things clean and tidy. The Stihl RMA 235 14″ electric lawnmower is very light and very easy to handle. Weighing in at only 14 kilograms, it glides easily on your lawn. It also has enough power to make short work of small lawns.

Compact Cutting

If you need a chainsaw for cutting lumbar for your stove, or just doing small bits of tidying work every now then at home, then you won’t go wrong with the Stihl MSA 120 C-BQ. This 12-inch chainsaw helps keep things neatly pruned around the garden and will allow you to cut up those smaller logs for your furnace or fire. This is a lightweight tool weighing only 2.5kg. Though of course you still should consider wearing chainsaw protection while using this tool.

We have a lot more to choose from, so be sure to check out our options. And if you have any questions about our range of battery-powered products, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132