Choosing Between Stihl Leaf Blowers

Choosing Between Stihl Leaf Blowers

While we also stock the incredible Ego range, choosing Between Stihl Leaf Blowers can be a more straightforward process, especially compared to sizing up different models from various brands. Stihl has a great reputation for their quality and performance. And Stihl leaf blowers have become a go-to for both casual gardeners and professional landscapers.

Choosing Between Stihl Leaf Blowers: Top Picks for Different Situations

For lighter work and lighter machines, the Stihl BGA 45 cordless leaf blower is a popular choice. It’s good for around the home or for smaller yards. It’s lightweight. And thanks to its battery-powered system, it makes clearing leaves and debris an easy and comfortable process. Because it’s lighter, it’s suitable for those of us with reduced mobility.

The Stihl BGA 56 D is Stihl’s entry-level petrol-powered blower. It packs plenty of oomph and with a petrol engine, it can keep going for much longer than a battery. However, it’s not suitable for sustained daily work since the weight is entirely on your arms.

For a professional-level battery-powered machine, the BGA 300 is a backpack blower with great power (26 N of force) that can run continuously for up to 48 hours with the AR 2000 battery pack. Though of course this is based off its lowest setting. The main thing is that even when put up to full power you’re going to get plenty of hours of work done without interruptions.

Though not Stihl, the Ego LBP8000E boasts up to five hours of continuous use with a power the matches the BGA 300 (26 N of force).

Stihl Petrol Powered Backpack Blowers

For professionals and people with large yards, a backpack blower is the way to go. The Stihl BR 700 is a beast. If you’re dealing with a larger garden or a commercial space, a backpack blower gives you more power and efficiency and crucially, it keeps all the engine’s weight on your back rather than on your easily fatigued arm muscles. The BR 700 tackles leaves and can shift heavier debris – even when wet. And it feels very, very comfortable.

While not Stihl, the Ego brand has become very popular recently. These use fantastic tech

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