Chainsaw Supplies for Irish Conditions

Chainsaw Supplies for Irish Conditions

It’s important to have suitable chainsaw supplies for Irish conditions. We’re living in a damp, wet climate. Where working outdoors can be uncomfortable and mechanical devices exposed to the elements may need to be well-maintained. We’re one of the biggest stockists in the country, you can view our full list at chainsaws Ireland.


If you’re in the agriculture or landscaping business, you’ll need a chainsaw that can handle extended periods of heavy use. These chainsaws are more powerful than property maintenance saws and are designed for tasks like clearing land and trimming thick bushes. They offer a variety of power levels and blade lengths, providing some overlap with property maintenance saws but with added capabilities. There’s also behemoths like the Stihl MS 881 for professional loggers and forestry workers, these saws can work for hours at a time, day in, and day out. They come equipped with features like anti-vibration systems and chain brakes to enhance safety and reduce strain during extended use.

Chainsaw Supplies for Irish Conditions: PPE

We’ve written before about chainsaw supplies Ireland. When it comes to Irish conditions, you need PPE that can keep you safe but also comfortable. The ideal is a breathable pair of trousers that can handle both the wet and the warmth. The Pfanner Ventilation Chainsaw Trousers Type C are a good investment. They’re 25% lighter than standard trousers and offer excellent ventilation. Arbortec’s Breatheflex Pro Type C Class 1 trousers are also a solid choice. They come with strong tool-carrying loops and a six-way stretch design to minimise wear and tear.

Chainsaw Maintenance

Proper maintenance is crucial. Always lubricate the chain with chain oil to minimise friction and extend the lifespan of your chainsaw. Some folks use a grinder to smooth out a few burs and dents on the bar, but if you’re in doubt, it’s better to replace the bar altogether. A dull blade is a dangerous blade. Keep your chainsaw sharp at all times. The Tecomec MIDI Jolly-N Chain Sharpener is an excellent tool for this. It’s compact, reliable, and will sharpen virtually any round cutter chain type and size. Its easy-to-operate cam-lever chain vise and high-visibility on/off switch make it user-friendly. Fuel storage is another aspect to consider. The 20L Jerry Can is ideal for most tasks. For some tasks, a 10L or 5L can might be handier.

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