Chainsaw Supplies Ireland

Chainsaw Supplies Ireland

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have one of the largest selections of chainsaw supplies Ireland has to offer. Whether you’re a professional arborist or landscaper or simply doing the occasional work around your garden or property, having the right chainsaw and the right supplies can make the job safer and easier. You can view our full range of chainsaw supplies or read on for some recommendations.

Chainsaw Supplies Ireland: Tools

The Jerry Can got its name during world war 2, when allies captured German equipment and noticed that “The Jerry’s” fuel cans had vastly superior ergonomics and durability. This is achieved thanks to their unique contouring which provides strength and support. The design is so good it has continued for over 80 years. We provide a 20l Jerry Can, which is ideal for most tasks, and a smaller 10L or 5L jerry can for when you have smaller equipment or need to access a place where carrying weight is not as easy. All versions are compatible with this Jerry Can Fuel Spout which is perfect for ensuring you don’t spill a drop and can get to work quickly.

Sharpening Tools

If you have a chainsaw, the most important thing you can do is use a chainsaw sharpener before every job. This will not only make your job easier but also drastically reduces the risk of your chainsaw jumping, which is one of the major causes of injury.

Keeping your chain maintained is essential, though both it and the Chain bar will need to be replaced periodically. We provide both bar and chains for all Stihl chainsaws. You should also use chain oil before each cut to keep things working well.

Safety First

When you’re working with a chainsaw, whether professionally or just for the occasional job, you must understand the risks involved. Every interaction with this machinery is potentially fatal if not treated with extreme precautions. Even a small jump on unprotected parts of your body can cause serious injury or worse. You should always wear appropriate chainsaw footwear and pants. Gloves and eye protection are also essential. The level of protection you choose may depend on how often you use the equipment, but it’s the one area where it’s always prudent to invest.

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