Chainsaw Pants Ireland

Chainsaw Pants Ireland

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a curated list of chainsaw pants in Ireland. We provide both Type A and Type C chainsaw pants, as well as non-protected work trousers. We’ve been in the game for years now and have worked closely with professional arborists in Ireland. We all know that protection is a must, but when you’re working in a pair of pants for most of the day, they need to be breathable, stretchable and wearable all day. That includes during the wet and warm days. Thankfully, we have found the best protective pants on the market that’ll keep you safe and comfortable throughout the day and working week. Let’s take a look at our range, or you can view our full list at chainsaw trousers Ireland.

Type A Chainsaw Pants Ireland

Type A chainsaw pants offer front protection only. They are most suitable when working at ground level, where you have much more control over your stance and positioning and where, if the chainsaw were to lose control, it’s still unlikely to end up behind you. While they’re less safe, the trade-off is that the rear side has more breathability, giving you a bit more comfort. Our entry level pants are the SIP Protection Boxer Type A Class 1, which are currently on offer at €60. If your priority is comfort, the SIP Protection Ninja Chainsaw Trousers (also Class 1 Type A) might be your bag. SIP built these for comfort and mobility, with a full-stretch fabric and a more ergonomic design. It also has ventilation zippers, waterproof reinforcements and more pockets.

Type C Pants (All Round Protection)

With a chainsaw, you have to be prepared for anything to happen. You need all-round protection if you’re working in rough terrain or at height, especially while suspended. The reality is that if you lose control your saw while in use at height, it can end up making contact in unexpected places. Having protection around the backs of your legs and body is essential. SIP has you covered here too with the SIP Protection Basepro Perthus C Class 1 Type C. For the toughest pants that’ll give you all-round protection even in brambles, the SIP Protection Samourai – Class 1 Type C is a good option. These might not be your ‘all day’ pants, but they will come in handy on the days when the surroundings are not your friend.

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