Chainsaw Bars Ireland

Chainsaw Bars Ireland

We are one of the biggest providers of Stihl chainsaw bars in Ireland. As a professional, you know chainsaw bars eventually wear out and need replacement. Especially if they’re involved in heavy-duty work on a daily basis. If a bar has peeled paint, burs, bends and abrasions, it’s time to replace it.

Chainsaw Bars Ireland: Safety First

A worn-out chainsaw bar can significantly increase risks to your safety and your chainsaw’s performance. A worn bar can cause the chain to slip off or break while in operation. Not good. It also increases the load on your chainsaw’s motor, wearing it out and shortening its lifespan. The wear and tear on a deteriorated bar can also contribute to inefficient cuts, longer work times and increased fuel consumption. This is why regular inspection and timely replacement of your chainsaw bar (and chain) aren’t just about maintaining your tool’s performance but also about ensuring your safety. Watch out for peeling paint, burs, bends and abrasions.

Swapping It Out is Easy

Replacing the bar is straightforward. With your chainsaw turned off, begin by loosening the bar nuts and removing the chainsaw cover. Loosen the tensioner using your saw tool or a flathead screwdriver until the chain tension is fully released. Remove the chain and bar simultaneously from the unit.

Position the new bar onto the unit. The bar should fit perfectly over the two bar nuts without any shifting or sliding. Reattach the chain from the base of the bar, with the chain’s teeth facing forwards. Once the bar and chain are reattached, you can now tighten the bar and chain back in place.

Extending the Bar’s Life

Proper care can extend the life of your chainsaw bar. Keep your chain well-lubricated using chain oil. This will decrease wear and tear on the bar. While large burs and dents might be fixable with a grinder, safety comes first! This trick could potentially weaken the bar if overdone, so for safety’s sake, it’s better to replace the bar. Regularly maintaining your saw with a saw sharpening tool also significantly reduces run time, prevents overheating and keeps your bar and chain operating smoothly.

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