Chainsaw Bars in Ireland

Chainsaw Bars in Ireland

When it comes to chainsaw bars in Ireland, inexperienced chainsaw operators don’t give it a second thought until it’s too late. A worn-out or damaged bar can significantly affect your chainsaw’s performance. It’s essential to know what to look for and how to maintain your chainsaw bars, especially when it comes to our line of Stihl products, to keep your work going without a hitch.

Signs Your Chainsaw Bar Needs Attention

It’s easy to spot when your chainsaw bar needs attention. Look out for signs of excessive wear, like chipped paint, burs along the edges, or visible bends in the metal. Such signs indicate that it’s time to repair or replace. We offer a full array of Stihl chainsaw bars that can be swiftly delivered across Ireland.

Choosing the Right Stihl Guide Bar

It’s not just about finding a replacement; it’s about finding the right fit. Stihl guide bars offer a variety of bars tailored to specific chainsaw models. If you’re uncertain of the chain length when selecting a new bar, make sure to consult the product manual (or give us a ring for advice).

Replacing Your Chainsaw Bar

Switch off your chainsaw and make sure it’s in safe mode. Start by loosening the bar nuts with the saw tool, which should have come with your chainsaw, or use a flathead screwdriver.

The chain tensioner is located between the two bar nuts. Loosen it until you can effortlessly remove the chain. Then, take off both the chain and the old bar.

Now, align the new Stihl bar onto the two bar nuts, making sure it sits snugly without shifting. Attach the chain starting from the base of the bar and moving outwards, keeping the teeth facing forward.

Tighten the chain so it’s only barely lifted off the bar, and then reattach the cover and the bar nuts. Your chainsaw is now ready for action again.

Chainsaw Bars in Ireland

Proper maintenance goes a long way in extending the lifespan of your chainsaw bar. Always use chain oil to lubricate the chain. This cuts down on friction and minimises wear and tear. While not covered by warranty, some people choose to use a grinder to extend the life of a bar with a few burs and dents. But remember, if there’s any doubt, better safe than sorry; replace the bar.

Your chainsaw bar works as hard as you do. Keep it in optimal condition, and it will serve you well for years to come. Got questions about Stihl products? Feel free to give us a call on 021 496 5132. We’re always here to help.