Chainsaw Bars - Replace the Bar on Your Stihl Chainsaw

Chainsaw Bars - Replace the Bar on Your Stihl Chainsaw

You know it’s time to change your chainsaw bars. Through extensive use, the bar will become worn and deteriorated. You’ll usually see clear visible signs of paint peeling, burs, bends and abrasions. We provide the full range of Stihl bars and chains which you can order with prompt delivery anywhere in Ireland.

Chainsaw Bars: How to Replace Them

First, ensure your chainsaw is powered off, and it’s in safe mode. Remove the chainsaw cover by loosening and removing the bar nuts. The cover should pop off.

Using your saw tool (which comes with your saw) or a flathead screwdriver, you can now begin to remove the bar and chain by first loosening the tensioner. This is located between the two bar nuts. Loosen it until the tension on the chain is fully removed.

Remove the chain and the bar from the unit simultaneously. Then, place the new bar onto the unit. The bar should be well fit on those two bar nuts with no shifting or sliding.

Attach the chain from the base of the bar outwards with the teeth of the chain facing forwards. If you need to also order a Stihl chain, we also have suitable replacements available to order.

Once the bar and chain are back in place, you can now tighten the bar and chain back in place. You should tighten the chain until it only barely comes off the bar by a millimetre or two. Once tightened properly you can re-attach the cover and screw your bar nuts back in place.

Keep Your Saw Running for Longer

To help prevent damage ensure you keep your chain well lubricated with chain oil. This reduces wear and tear on the bar. Large burs and dents may be fixable with a grinder though it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you’re in doubt, it’s better to replace the bar. Keeping your saw optimised with a saw sharpening tool will also significantly reduce run time, reduce heating and keep your bar and chain working efficiently.

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