Budget Leaf Blower: the BGA 45 Cordless

Budget Leaf Blower: the BGA 45 Cordless

A budget leaf blower can do a surprising amount of work. It can be surprising how many leaves trees and shrubs shred going into autumn. You’ll be kept active sweeping them up with a yard brush or rake, but it’s not always ideal. For example, it can be really tricky to get debris off a gravel flower bed or around low growing plants. With a leaf blower, you can get the job done with much greater ease and speed. It’s easy to get into corners and areas that would be practically impossible to reach effectively with a hand tool. And the blower can quickly blow the debris into tidy bundles where you can easily collect them, or blowing them under shrubs where they can rot down and help nourish the soil.

Budget Leaf Blower: All-Year-RoundBudget Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers aren’t just for autumn, either. Especially in Ireland where we have plenty of rain and no shortage of leaves and debris which, if left unattended, will rot down and turn your lovely garden path or driveway into a slip hazard. A quick pass with the blower can prevent this, and can also make tidying up after pruning and hedge trimming a sinch.

The BGA-45

Deciding on a Budget Leaf Blower depends on your needs and budget. For the purpose of this post, we want to focus on Stihl’s budget electric cordless blower option, the BGA-45. The BGA 45, could be the best option for those of us who don’t have a large garden. The BGA 45 is quite light at just 2kg (only the weight of two large packs of cereal!). Yet this handheld leaf blower does a great job around the home. It will clean hard-to-reach areas, and because it’s so light you can easily reach in behind shrubs and get at those areas near the wall without much effort. The main drawback of a battery-powered leaf blower is its power capacity, which means you will expect to run the device for about 10 minutes using one battery. You can buy additional packs if you believe you may take longer than that and many users will probably want two so that they have a good 20 minutes to get the work done around the home.