The Best Yard Equipment For All Use Cases

The Best Yard Equipment For All Use Cases

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we’re always looking for the best yard equipment at home or work. Whether you’re a professional arborist, a landscaper, or a keen gardener at home, we have some of the best garden tools in Cork – and with free, fast delivery to the rest of the country. We’re always looking for new products and tools that will make more efficient work around the garden. Here’s a look at some of the garden equipment we stand behind.

Best Yard Equipment: Blowers and Vacuums

When you’re after a tidy looking space, there’s no getting away from the leaf problem. If it’s not dealt with in good time, it becomes new fertile soil for weeds. Not only do weeds grow in unwelcome places, but rotting leaves can become a slipping hazard on paths and pavements, and it just looks messy if you’re after a manicured look. We have a great range of blowers and vacuums to help you gather the leaves and put them somewhere where they serve you better, whether in the compost or for mulching.


On the subject of mulching, a good quality shredder can help you clear away brush and overgrowth while also providing the material you need to protect your outdoor plants from the frosty winter months. Stihl provides a great range that comes in a series of increasingly more powerful options to support everyone, from the occasional domestic uses to the hardcore arborist.

The Best Yard Equipment For Going Cordless

While battery technology is still growing every year in its capacity and power, there are already cordless landscaping solutions available that are suitable for professionals. They may not always completely replace your arsenal, but they are light, efficient, and suitable for smaller tasks.


We are one of the biggest suppliers of chainsaws in Cork. With Stihl’s full range, there’s equipment available for different tasks. Including an electric pruner which is a helpful accompaniment for tackling small tasks. Of course, with Chainsaws, safety is always a priority, and so proper training and safety equipment is required at all times.

We’re always on hand if you have a question. If you’d like more information on our range of products, you can always contact us on our landline, that’s 021-496 51 32