Best Leaf Blowers On Sale

Best Leaf Blowers On Sale

We currently have some of the best leaf blowers on sale, with Stihl’s range of products being known by professionals as durable, reliable and able to get the job done. With so many options on the market, it can be tricky finding the best make and model for your needs. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we solely stock Stihl blowers. Through direct feedback (and lack of complaints) from our customers, they have proven to be the most reliable over the years, so why make it our customer’s choice harder by offering inferior products? On that note. Here are some of the best leaf blower-vacuums by Stihl we currently have on sale.

Best Leaf Blowers On Sale: Entry Level

Stihl’s BG 56 C-E Blower is the entry-level model currently with a hefty discount, from €423 to €299. The 56 C-E is suitable for tidying up around your home and yard. Weighing 4kg and a 64m/s airspeed, this may be the smallest machine in Stihl’s range, but it’s certainly not the weakest on the market.

If you have a more extensive garden or yard, the BR 200 backpack blower might be the choice. We have this on sale with a sizeable discount, down from €635 to €595. Anyone who has had to work with one of these for extended periods knows about the numb, uncomfortable feeling that can occur after many hours of use. The BR200 takes the weight and vibration off your hands and puts it on your back. This helps you to maintain an even centre of gravity, allowing for far more comfortable work for longer. This is a low weight, entry-level backpack blower with a lightweight design designed to reduce vibration and fatigue.

Heavy-Duty Blowerbest leaf blowers

The BR 800 is Stihl’s most powerful backpack blower to date and is currently down from €1,009 to €899. Stihl designed this to balance power with comfort and is our recommended product for landscapers, local authorities and contractors. This machine will quickly clear thick, wet leaves that tend to accumulate coming into autumn and winter. The backpack hugs your spine, reducing strain. It also has a hip belt, so that much of the weight is on your pelvis and legs instead of your back. So while more substantial than the entry-level model at 11.7kgs, it feels comfortable to carry for extended periods. With about double the airspeed of the entry-level model at 216mph and a vacuum adaptor kit available as an accessory, this is an excellent choice.

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