Berg Products

Berg Products

Berg products are some of the best on the market. Berg has an incredible range of creative outdoor toys suitable for kids and adults alike. They’re most well-known these days for their trampolines and go-karts, which have been a stable in the world of kids’ outdoor toys for two generations. Let’s get a rundown of what Berg have on offer and what we sell (with free delivery for items over €60).

BERG Trampolines

Trampolines are a whole lot of fun, but safety must come first. BERG Trampolines are built with top-tier padding and safety nets in most of their offerings, including the aptly named Favorit range, which is their most popular and also entry-level in terms of extras. A safety net is essential for any trampoline that will be used by children or inexperienced adults. The net encloses the trampoline entirely, preventing one of the most common causes of injuries. Add to this the thick frame padding and springs protected by an extra layer, and you’re looking at a product that keeps the fun safe.

If you want to ensure maximum safety, you can rule out another of the most common causes of injury, which is mounting and dismounting from the raised surface, by considering a Berg Inground trampoline.

Safety is important, but a trampoline is a big investment. That makes durability another compelling reason to choose a BERG trampoline. These trampolines are built to last for years with high-quality steel frames and superb construction.

Berg Products: Go-Karts

Go-karts have been a kid’s favourite for ages. And while Berg has kept their classic styles from the good oul’ days, they also take it up a notch with their new range for different age groups, with different themes, designs and features.

The Berg Buzzy Range

For little adventurers aged 2-5, the Berg Buzzy range is an excellent start. These go-karts come with a low seat and robust frame to withstand the enthusiasm of young drivers. The pedal-free design helps kids learn balance and steering in a safe environment.

Berg’s Rally Range

If your child is between 3-12 years old, the Berg Rally Range offers the next level of driving fun. These go-karts feature a sturdy steel frame and pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride. What’s more, the adjustable seat and steering wheel make for a comfy fit.

The Classic Range

For kids aged 5 and up, the Berg Classic Range offers a more traditional go-kart experience. These models have a robust steel frame and powerful pedals for the more experienced young drivers.

E-BFR: The Latest in Berg

The E-BFR Range is the most recent addition to the Berg go-kart family. Designed for children between 3-12, these electric-powered models add a bit of welly to the conventional go-karting experience.

If you’re thinking of getting a BERG product for your garden or just need some advice, you can reach us on 021 4965132