Berg Cork: The Best Berg Products in Cork

Berg Cork: The Best Berg Products in Cork

Here at Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide the latest and best Berg products in Cork for children and adults alike. With Berg’s incredible range of Go Karts and Trampolines, there’s something for every member of your family. Read on for a rundown of the best Berg Products, or check out our coverage of products in our Berg Cork category.

Berg Go Karts

Berg Go Karts offer endless entertainment and appeal to different age groups. They’ve been around for generations, and this timeless toy and Berg was there the entire time. Today, they have a massive selection of different karts for kids of all ages.

The Buzzy Collection (2-5 years old) The Berg Buzzy Nitro 2-in-1 is a great option when you have toddlers. An upgrade from the regular tricycle, this Buzzy 2-in-1 gives enhanced stability and safety compared to a three-wheeler. It also gives you the option of pushing the cart for those moments when the smally decides they have their own plans!

The Reppy Collection (2-6 years old) Berg Reppy BMW makes for an exciting adventure, with its sporty design and conventional bucket seat. Your child’s love for cars and racing finds its perfect companion in this range.

Rally Collection (4-12 years old) The Rally Force stands out in this collection. It weighs just 28kgs and has an adjustable seat. Suitable from ages four to twelve, this collection is designed for the long run.

Classic Karts (ages 5+) With the Berg Retro Pure Blue BFR, take a nostalgic trip down memory lane. With updated materials and sleek design. Classic go Karts never goes out of style!

The E-BFR Battery Collection Explore the future of Go Karts with the Berg X-Plore E-BFR electric go kart. A blend of timeless design and electric power, this is a must-have for those looking for something unique and thrilling.

BERG Cork: Trampolines

Berg built their trampolines with safety in mind. Thick padding, safety nets, and a protective layer cover the springs. Everything is thought of to keep your trampoline safe and fun for the whole family. Berg trampolines have many great qualities with some excellent all-rounders such as the Berg Favorit range. This range can provide years of airtime thanks to their high-quality materials and construction techniques. We offer all inground or regular, small and large trampolines.

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