Berg Cork: Get Berg Go Karts and Trampolines Locally or Online

Berg Cork: Get Berg Go Karts and Trampolines Locally or Online

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we’ve been providing Berg products in Cork for years now. If you’re based in Cork, we’re easy to find. If you’re in Cork and would rather have product delivered to your door, we can do that too – delivery is free for orders over Berg Go Karts and Trampolines.

Berg Cork: Go Karts

Any parent will tell you that it’s hard to go wrong with a Go Kart. Kids just find them to be great fun altogether, provided you have the right space to use them. Ideally a yard or area around the home that’s got suitable terrain for messing about without coming into contact with traffic. We provide a detailed summary of the best Berg Go Karts for sale in 2024. Take a look if you want a breakdown of the offerings.

Berg Trampolines

There are many trampoline brands on the market with varying levels of build quality and design, as well as safety features. We go with two brands that we can behind. The EXIT range, as well as the Berg Trampoline range. Both are of a very high standard with unique thoughtful design choices. For example, Berg’s AirFlow system for allowing more airflow on the jumping mat. This simple change reduces air resistance by fifty per cent, so you get more bounce for your buck. We’ve written a new article on Trampolines for Sale in 2024 which covers many of the best options on the market. Here’s a brief explainer of two major types, regular and inground.

Regular or Inground?

Berg’s regular trampolines are the ones we usually first think of. These are elevated on their own aluminium or steel frame platform. Raised about a metre or so above the ground level is the jumping surface. These are the easiest to set up and very easy to relocate or dismantle when not in use. The downside is that the raised platform increases the risk of injuries from getting on and off the jumping surface. They’re also a bit more obtrusive in the garden.
The second option is the ‘Berg inground‘ trampoline, which doesn’t have a raised platform. Instead, you must dig a trench beneath where you plan to lay the mat. This allows trampoliners to step onto the jumping surface without the risks that come with mounting and dismounting. This is naturally much safer. These also must look sleeker in your garden or yard. The downside here is that you have a hole in the garden that needs to be dealt with if you decide to relocate or dismantle the trampoline.

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