At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a massive selection of BERG products — with free delivery across Ireland on all orders over €60. We blog quite regularly about the range of Berg products, including Go-Karts and Trampolines. Let’s take a look, or you can view our regular posts at Berg Ireland.

About BERG Toys

BERG Toys have been around since 1985. In that time, they became known for their high-quality trampolines and Go-Karts. What has set BERG apart for decades is their commitment to durability; where most products are prone to rapid wear and tear, Berg’s range of Go-Karts and Trampolines can last for years of rough treatment and still be good to go. We’ve been selling BERG products for years and can stand behind their build quality.

Go Karts

Berg’s Go Karts come in a variety of themes and sizes to accommodate different age groups, from toddlers up to adults. The themes range from a classic design, with your solid structure and a few neat extras to make it look a bit cooler, to the E-BFR, which is battery power assisted to give you a lot more go in your kart. They also have tonnes of themes, such as farming go-karts, which are highly popular and licensed by John Deere and New Holland, Fendt, Deutz-Fahr and more. The Farming Go-Karts are great when combined with some go-kart farming accessories, such as the lift bucket, pallet fork, bulldozer blade or berg trailer. Basically, anything you can do in a real tractor, you can do – pint-sized – in a Berg Go Kart.

Trampolines by BERG

Aside from Go-Karts, BERG’s trampolines made the company a household name worldwide. For decades they’ve produced some of the best consumer-level trampolines on the market, as well as professional-level trampolines. They come in all sizes you’d want for your yard, as well as the three main configurations: regular, inground and flatground. They have trampoline accessories such as a frame net to keep pets, kids and debris from getting in under the jumping surface, as well as an anchor set, cover ladders and platforms.We’ll continue to write blog posts about new Berg Products as they become available!

If you have any questions about our range of products, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132