Battery Powered Hedge Cutter: The Stihl HSA 45

Battery Powered Hedge Cutter: The Stihl HSA 45

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we are proud suppliers of the Stihl range. The Stihl HSA 45 is Stihl’s lightest hedge cutter and it’s ideal for lighter work around your home and garden. As part of Stihl’s Lithium Ion range, the HSA 45 has an integrated battery and is lightweight, quiet and well balanced, making it really easy to handle when cutting small trees and hedges. This battery powered hedge cutter has enough power to trim branches of up to 8mm in diameter. This allows you to keep your shrubs and hedging well maintained. View our full range of hedge cutters.

Battery Powered Hedge Cutter Range

The Stihl HSA 45 can handle up to 40 mins of runtime with its standard battery. This allows you to cover up to 80 square metres of hedging in one charge. There’s also a clear LED battery level indicator on the side of the device so you know how much time you have left before you need to recharge. battery powered hedge cutter


The Stihl HSA 45 hedge cutter uses double-sided, single-edged cutting blades. These work quite well on lighter annual growth. There’s also a plastic ‘tip protector’ at the end of the blades, which helps prevent you from damaging it if you’re cutting near a wall or steel fencing. This protector also has a handy hole so you can hang the hedge cutter when you’re not using it.

Stihl Battery Powered Hedge Cutter Safety

To prevent the cutter from being switched on accidentally, it comes with an insertable ‘activation key’. Remove this when the machine is charging or stored away. This keeps it safe from kids or accidental activation. It also has a standard two-handed safety handle which requires activation with both hands in order to function.

How Does it Compare with Regular Hedge Cutters?

As with any battery powered garden tool, you get lightness, ease of handling and convenience at the expense of power and also run time. So for this reason, we recommend our range of higher powered hedge cutters for professional level work or larger gardens with thicker growth. If you’d like to discuss further, please give us a call today on 021-4965132