Battery-Powered Garden Tools

Battery-Powered Garden Tools

Battery-powered garden tools can bring more ease and convenience to your gardening or yard work. Lithium-ion battery-powered gardening tools can change how we prune, tidy and maintain our outdoor spaces. Battery-powered garden tools can give you increased comfort, reduced noise, lighter loads and just an all round simpler way to carry out work around the garden. Many of these tools use the same battery packs and can be purchased with or without the battery pack. This allows you to keep costs down if you already have batteries to get work done around the garden or yard.

Battery-Powered Garden Tools: The Unrivalled AS Battery Range

The Stihl AS battery range provides a few high-quality garden tools, such as the HSA 26 Shears, a standout in the AS battery range. The HSA 26 brings the simplicity of a manual tool with the speed and convenience of a power tool. It can handle branches up to 8mm thick, so you can prune woody hedges and get a neat finish or shape without the strain.

Some smaller branches would be too small for a chainsaw. That’s where a tool like the GTA 26 pruner comes in. This is another compact powerhouse suitable for pruning thicker shrubs and trees where a handheld saw would be awkward. This intermediary tool reduces strain. The SEA 26 handheld vacuum cleaner. A handy tool for your workshop, garage, and domestic cleaning needs, it shares the same interchangeable AS batteries as the rest of the range. While some handheld vacuums are a bit of a let-down, many people swear by the SEA 26.

Stihl’s Cordless Range

The Stihl Cordless range is usually much lighter than their petrol-powered equivalents. These tools utilise an integrated battery, making them ideal for lighter work around the home. They are especially handy for those of us with mobility issues. Sometimes added weight and vibrations can make some tools uncomfortable or impossible to use. You don’t have those problems with these tools. The cordless range includes the BGA 45 Cordless blower, which is perfect for swift and effective clearing of leaves, grass cuttings, and other garden debris. Its lightweight design and low vibrations are easy on the arms, making for a pleasant gardening experience.

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