Battery Operated Garden Tools

Battery Operated Garden Tools

Battery Operated Garden Tools have come on leaps and bounds in the last decade. Stihl has been at the forefront of this movement with the introduction of cutting edge lithium-ion batteries. As technology advances, lighter, more powerful machinery has come available. And with better battery technology also comes longer operating times before a recharge is necessary. Thankfully, Stihl also comes with easily swappable batteries which allow you to continue working for longer periods if necessary. Let’s take a look at some of their best cordless garden tools.

Stihl BGA 45 Cordless Blower

The BGA 45 is a nice device for around the home. It’s suitable for blowing small amounts of leaves and dirt from off garden paths, porches and around decking. Weighing only 2kgs, it is very comfortable to hold and use, making it perfect for people of all ages.

Battery Operated Garden Tools: Hedgetrimmer

The Stihl HSA 45 Cordless Hedgetrimmer weighs only 2.3kg yet packs enough punch to help you keep your garden bushes and shrubs neat and tidy. It has a running time of up to 40 minutes, which gives you enough time to keep things well maintained all through the year. If you need more time, you can always swap out the battery for one that has been charged.

Battery Operated Garden Tools: Cordless Strimmer

Very often, when you’re mowing the lawn (or having an iMow do it for you), you will come across corners or areas beside a feature or wall that still have long grass. Or perhaps there’s an area of the garden where weeds have taken the upper hand. These are the smaller maintenance type jobs that don’t need a full-powered machine. For this, the Stihl FSA 45 Cordless Strimmer is perfect. It has a running time of 20 minutes which allows you to put the final touches to your garden work, or prevent areas from becoming overgrown.


If you plan to do larger amounts of work, then you might want to consider also purchasing additional batteries to support the one that comes with the product. Stihl batteries come in many shapes and sizes from the professional level to batteries that accommodate Stihl’s cordless range. Make sure that any battery you purchase is suitable for the tool.

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