4 Of The Best Aerators Available For Your Lawn

4 Of The Best Aerators Available For Your Lawn

A garden lawn is what really beautifies a garden and the surroundings of a home. It is important to take great care of your lawn regularly and one of the best ways to ensure this is by using an aerator on your lawn. A lawn aerator is a tool which perforates soil with small holes in order to allow air, minerals and nutrients to penetrate the roots. Aeration helps the roots grow deeply, the grass to grow and as a result a stronger, more vigorous lawn. Here are 4 of the best aerators available for your lawn.

4 Of The Best Aerators Available For Your Lawn40″ Spring Tine Dethatcher

The 40″ Spring Tine Dethatcher comes with 20 sprung-tines which are 3/16” diameter providing fantastic durability. This aerator will delicately and comprehensively tease-out any build-up of moss and thatch, allowing your grass to flourish. Its 40-inch working-width makes it easy to cover very large areas in very little time. The 40-inch aerator sits on a pair of 7″ x 1.5″ semi-pneumatic wheels which run smoothly over bumpy ground. It comes with a universal link-pin which aid the use with ride-on mowers. There is a simple to use cantilevered handle which makes it easy to raise and lower the tines and a 40″ weight tray which can hold up to 70 lb.

48″ Spring Tine Dethatcher

This model is perfect for larger sized lawns. The 48-inch aerator comes with 24 heat-treated tines which will thoroughly get rid of thatch or moss on the surface of the lawn. Heat treated tines are incredibly durable and strong. One of the main features of the 48″ Spring Tine Dethatcher is its weight tray, it can hold up to 70lbs for more effective thatch removal. There is an easy-to-use cantilevered handle which allows easy lowering and raising of the tines for transportation purposes. Its 7″ x 1.5″ semi-pneumatic tyres ensure a smooth movement of the unit, even on the rough and bumpy ground. A universal link-pin is included to make it simple to use with tractor mowers.

40″ Spike Aerator

The 40-inch Spike Aerator aerates the largest of grass areas with great speed and efficiency. It has 10 sharply spiked aeration discs and it offers working-depth adjustment by way of a 102cm ballast-tray so you can be rest assured a thorough job will be done. Aeration discs come in the shape of a star to slice the surface allowing the aeration process to happen. It can be used in conjunction with any tractor mower due to its universal hitch pin. You can add up to 45kg of ballast to its weight-tray. This aerator is easy to transport and store as it is equipped with a foldable tow bar.

48″ Plug Aerator

The 48-inch Plug Aerator is best used when the moisture content of the surface is at its highest. It has 32 coring-points with four per-spool that remove ¾-inch plugs from the lawn. Its coring-points are produced from heat-treated steel, allowing them to remain firm under heavy loads. When this aerator is used you will be left with a beautiful, green-looking lawn. This model is able to penetrate the toughest soil-types thanks to its 140lbs weight tray feature. It has a 48-inch working-width, allowing you to cover a lot of ground quickly with each pass. It runs on wide-profile pneumatic tyres that provide traction and manoeuvrability. The aeration-spools can be raised with the cantilevered handle. The aeration-depth can be adjusted up to 3-inches to suit them and it comes with a universal hitch-pin is included making it suitable to use with all tractor mowers.

If you are planning to buy a lawn aerator then do your research in order to find the one that possesses the most required features. The 4 lawn aerators listed above are highly recommended by the specialists. To learn more about our aerators, visit us online today or call us on 021-496-5132.